The joint-stock company on extraction wall blocks " Mineral " registered by the State registration Chamber of the Ministry of Justice RM on 17.10.1995 number 1003600060507.
The period of foundation of the Mine from Krikovo is considered September, 1946. There workplaces were shined with gas lamps, and miners manually sawed till 15-20 pieces of limestone.At the end of 1953 extraction of limestone was taken by means of the stone-cutting machine invented by K.Galanin, which liquidated manual skills. Thanks to this technology since 1946 till 1975 year productivity of extraction of stone has increased by 17 times.
If in 1946 volum of extractions made 5000 m cubes, in 1974 - 159000 m cubes of limestone.
In 1975 in Krikovo was established Industrial Association of Mines including Mines from: Krikovo, Mileshtii Mici, Grigoriopol,Kishinev, Calinin (Cupcin) and from Ocnita.

After disintegration of association the Mine from Krikovo accepts in 1992 the status of the state cooperative society till 1995 when it is registered as joint-stock company.
The enterprise is located on the area in the size of 268 hectares

The structure of the enterprise includes two industrial areas:
Industrial areas
The area "Pashcani"
The “Krikovo-2 "
Auxiliary areas
Automobile workshop
Electric workshop
Mechanical workshop
The area "Pashcani", located in 100 m from the route Kishinev – Orhei
The area “Krikovo-2", situated in 2 km from the route Kishinev – Orhei. As part of enterprise functions laboratory which monthly tests of a limestone making control of physical and mechanical characteristics of species.

The basic clients of our enterprise are the large building organizations: SA Monolit, SRL Maconst-Prim, SRL Finicon, SRL Conseloc, SA Orizont, SA Interactiv, SRL Glorinal, SA "Ago-Dacia" SRL "Stayer", SRL "Fainex" and also private persons.

The basic kinds of activity of joint-stock company " Mineral " are:
- Extraction of walls limestones from a natural stone with application and conducting mountain works in underground conditions;
- Development, manufacture and realization of the consumer goods and production industrial - technical purpose;
- Offerings of commercial, transport and other services to the enterprises and the population;
- Use of mountain developments for manufacture, warehousing and storage of production of technical purpose and the consumer goods;

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